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Played semi-final and final of T20 World Cup now want to win trophy

Played the semi-final and final of the T20 World Cup, now want to win the trophy: Babar Azam. Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam says that as a captain he has played in the semi-final and final of the T20 World Cup, and now he wants to win the trophy.

Talking in the PCB podcast, Babar Azam said that this is a team of all of us and right now our goal is only one and that is to win the T20 World Cup for which we all have to play as one.

Babar Azam, who has become the captain with the most matches in T20 Internationals, says about the T20 World Cup that the India-Pakistan match is something else in which not only the players but also the fans worldwide. There’s a lot of excitement, it’s a pressure game, if you focus as much as you can on the basics, things will be easy, but in an ICC event, you don’t have to focus on just one match. Rather there are other teams and if you want to become the champion you have to beat all the teams.

Babar Azam said that the T20 World Cup schedule is good, since this event is being held for the first time in America, there will be drop-in pitches, different grounds, different atmosphere, a new experience, a new challenge. Not much is known about the conditions but we will get information before the event and prepare ourselves for the competition.

The national captain says that this is his third T20 World Cup as a captain, under his captaincy the Pakistan team has played the semi-final and final, and now he wants to win the trophy and return home, but for that, we need every team. We have to play the best cricket, unfortunately, we could not win due to a lack of finishing in the last two T20 World Cups, and we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes this time.

Babar Azam said that the atmosphere of the team is very good at the moment, some of the things that were going on in the past days were made, they were presented in such a way that we do not know what happened when such things happened, our effort is to It is not shown to the world, even in your own home when something happens it is not brought to the public, we try to make sure that if there is a problem, it is heard and it is resolved immediately.

In this exclusive interview, Babar Azam also talked about his batting in detail and said that his strike rate has been talked about a lot, when he realized that his strike rate should be improved, he worked on it a lot. , worked on the point where they are having trouble, actually looking at what the situation is demanding, you can’t play with the same strike rate all the time.

Babar Azam said his game is different, he goes to the crease and takes some time, his game is not to hit sixes on the go, he cannot be calm and proud but he knows how to elevate his game. Can go, he concentrates on his batting basics, his cricketing shots.

Babar Azam also completely rejected the impression that he plays for himself, he said that often it is said that he plays for himself, but it is not at all, if he starts playing for himself, then it will be a different game. Gee, he plays according to the needs of the team, since he became the captain he has put his personal goals behind him, he plays for the team because for him the team comes first and everything else comes later.

He said that the new head coach Gary Kirsten has vast experience as a cricketer and coach, and his experience will be useful for the team.

In a message to his fans, Babar Azam said that they should pray for the success of the team, we will try our best to give 100 percent performance, you should support the team because it is your team, it is the team of Pakistan.

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