Cricket World Cup

Before the India-Pakistan match in New York the news of the terrorist attack began to emerge

Before the India-Pakistan match in New York, the news of the terrorist attack began to emerge. The issue of security for the India-Pakistan match to be held in New York in the ICCT Twenty World Cup started to arise.

According to media reports, before the India-Pakistan match on June 9, news of a terrorist attack began to emerge, after which the New York administration increased security for the India-Pakistan match after threats.

The administration decided to beef up security after reports of threats surfaced and despite the lack of evidence, precautionary measures are being taken.

The New York Governor’s Office said in a statement in this regard that there is no evidence yet regarding the threat reports, they are monitoring the situation, and according to intelligence, there is no threat to public safety at this time.

State Governor Cathy Hoechl says the administration has been working for months to improve security and is working with law enforcement agencies, directing New York State Police to advance surveillance and thorough screening to increase security. has been done

The International Cricket Council also gave its position in this regard and said that security will be strengthened during the entire tournament, the security of the New York venue will also be strengthened like other venues, the security and safety of everyone is the first priority, the host. Working together with the authorities of the countries.

There were reports of an attack threat from an organization in New York and the terrorist group also released a video regarding the attack threat.

During the T20 World Cup, India has to play 4 matches while Pakistan has to play 2 matches in New York, while New York has to host 8 matches from June 3 to 12.

The T20 World Cup match between Pakistan and India will take place on June 9 in New York.

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