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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has formed the governing board

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has formed the governing board. According to the PCB, the governing board has been constituted as per the constitution, with Mustafa Ramde and Mohsin Naqvi as the nominated representatives of Patron.

Azad Jammu Kashmir and Dera Murad Jamali were also represented in the governing board.

Apart from this, Larkana and Bahawalpur regions are also part of the governing board, along with Sui Northern Gas, State Bank, Ghani Glass, and PTV departments.
According to PCB, the Secretary of the Inter-Provincial Liaison Ministry will be a non-voting member.

The trend of removing elected chairman of the year should end: Shah Khawar

Acting Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board Shah Khawar
Acting Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board Shah Khawar

Lahore: Acting Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board Shah Khawar says that the trend of removing the elected chairman for 3 years should end.

While giving a press conference at Lahore Gaddafi Stadium, Shah Khawar said that if we notify the governing board tomorrow, we can hold the election within a week. We can hold the election even after February 8, but it depends on the formation of the governing board. is on

He said that according to the constitution Patron can take guidelines from the IPC, there is no interference from the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination, there is no obstacle in taking over the office of the Chairman while the Chief Minister is the Chairman, the office of the Chairman is not a lucrative one. Therefore, it does not conflict with anything.

Talking about the performance of the national cricket team, Shah Khawar said that in the meeting with Mohammad Hafeez, there was a discussion regarding the matches, the performance of the team in the matches has been bad, Mohammad Hafeez will also give a report, our general regarding the matches. The conversation has taken place.

He further said that Muhammad Hafeez‘s contract was for one month, so it would have been necessary to advertise this post, it depends on the pattern to decide, things are not ideal to run on an ad hoc basis, the management committee has been working for a year. There are many other reasons for the bad performance of the team and they have to be looked into.

Shah Khawar said that he is not aware of any objection to the schedule of Peshawar Zalmi, but the final of the President Trophy can now start from February 9.

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