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BPL Shoaib Malik dismisses allegations of fixing

BPL Shoaib Malik dismisses allegations of fixing. Former captain Shoaib Malik‘s statement on the allegations of fixing in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) has come out.

Shoaib Malik issued a statement on social media denying the allegations of fixing and said that the news of fixing spread about me is baseless.

He said that he discussed it with Fortune Barishal captain Tamim Iqbal, I had to leave BPL due to my busy schedule in Dubai, but I will be available for Fortune Barishal if required.

Shoaib Malik said that before spreading false news
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Shoaib Malik said that before spreading false news, verify the news, false news spoils the honor of a person.
What is the matter?

Recently, in a BPL match, Shoaib Malik bowled three consecutive no-balls, after which allegations of match-fixing came to light.

Later Shoaib Malik went to the United Arab Emirates from Bangladesh to play T-Ten League after playing a BPL match 3 days ago.

A spokesman for Shoaib Malik’s team Fortune Barisal says that Shoaib was supposed to return before the next match but now he has said that he will come on February 4. The team thinks Shoaib Malik shouldn’t play anymore.

Apart from this, the statement of the owner of Bangladesh Premier League team Fortune Barisal was also revealed on the news related to Shoaib Malik’s alleged involvement in match-fixing.

Owner Fortune Barishal Meezanur Rahman said in his statement that the rumors about match fixing against Shoaib Malik are baseless, Shoaib Malik is a good cricketer, he has played the best game for our team.

Owner Fortune Barishal added that Shoaib Malik is a senior cricketer, we should respect him and he deserves to be respected.

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