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Shah Khawar became acting chairman PCB

Shah Khawar became acting chairman of PCB. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Pattern Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar has formally nominated Mohsin Naqvi to the PCB’s Board of Governors while Election Commissioner Shah Khawar Acting Chairman PC under the PCB Constitution PC Bay has become.

Caretaker Federal Minister IPC Fawad Hassan Fawad has confirmed in a conversation with Geo News that Mohsin Naqvi has been nominated as a pattern representative in the Pakistan Cricket Board’s BOG, whose notification has also been issued.

He said that Mohsin Naqvi has been nominated in BOG instead of Zaka Ashraf. Bay has become.

Fawad Hassan Fawad said that he had met Shah Khawar in which he talked about completing the BOG of the Pakistan Cricket Board soon and completing the election process.

It is to be noted that according to Article 2 of the PCB Constitution, all powers are transferred to the Chief Election Commissioner as soon as the chairman’s office is vacated and constitutionally he will be obliged to complete the board elections within four weeks. The chairman, who is elected after the election, can take charge within a week.

In the current situation, Mohsin Naqvi’s chairman has paved the way for becoming PCB as the PCB election and the date of taking charge of the February 8 general elections will be retired from the responsibilities of Mohsin Naqvi caretaker Chief Minister Punjab.

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Mohsin Naqvi was approved to be appointed Chairman Management Committee Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). According to sources, the caretaker prime minister has approved the appointment of Mohsen Naqvi.

Sources say that the caretaker prime minister has also appointed Mohsin Naqvi as a member of the Board of Governors of PCB.

Sources say that the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Liaison will soon issue a notification for the appointment of Mohsin Naqvi. It should be noted that Mohsin Naqvi is also the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab at the moment.

It should be noted that on January 19, Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Management Committee Zaka Ashraf resigned from the post. Zaka Ashraf resigned from the post of Chairman PCB Management Committee and Member Board of Governor.

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