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Incompetence of the Indian Board

Incompetence of the Indian Board. The incompetence of the Indian board put the match against Australia in a stadium without electricity for 5 years. India’s BCCI, the world’s richest board, has become a laughing stock.

There is no electricity at the Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh Stadium in Raipur, which is hosting the fourth T20 match between India and Australia today on December 1.

According to Indian media, the electricity bill of the Raipur stadium has not been paid, the electricity connection of the stadium was cut off 5 years ago due to non-payment of the bill of 10.61 crore rupees.

According to Indian media, the electricity bill has not been paid since 2009, which led to the stadium’s electricity connection being cut off 5 years ago.

However, at the request of the Chhattisgarh Cricket Association, a temporary electricity connection has been given in the stadium today.

According to Indian media, in the temporary connection, only the spectators’ gallery and the boxes were given an electricity connection. During the match, the stadium’s floodlights will be powered by generators.

Indian media say that the Public Works Department and Sports Department started blaming each other for non-payment of bills.

It should be noted that India has a 2-1 lead against Australia in the 5-match T20 series.

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