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Cricket World Cup Final and Semi-Final pitch declared as average

The Cricket World Cup Final and Semi-Final pitches were declared as average. The ICC has termed the pitches used in the final and second semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup in India as average.

The final of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup was played between India and Australia on November 19 at the Narendra Modi Stadium, while the second semi-final between Australia and South Africa was played on November 16 in Kolkata. Australia won both matches.

According to the Indian media, the wicket of the final match was declared average by match referee Andy Pycroft, while the pitch of the semi-final was declared average by former Indian fast bowler and match referee Javagal Srinath.

An already-used wicket was used for the final match between Australia and India and according to reports, Australia also objected that this wicket was also used in the match between Pakistan and India on October 14.

Before the match, Australian captain Pete Cummins had described Ahmedabad’s wicket as good, but former Australian captain Ricky Ponting said that the wicket prepared by the host country fell on his throat.

From toss to pitch change allegations, the biggest controversies to emerge in the World Cup

The ongoing ICC Men’s World Cup in India is coming to an end with the final and biggest match of the tournament between the hosts India and Australia on November 19 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

The Indian team has been unbeaten in the entire tournament so far and the Rohit Sharma-led team won 10 out of 10 matches, while the Australian team is winning consecutive matches after losing the first 2 matches and the Kangaroos. qualified for the final by defeating the Proteas in the semi-finals.

Several controversies also arose during the tournament in India, first of all, there was a long delay in issuing visas to Pakistani journalists and spectators, and Pakistani spectators and journalists were not present during the initial practice matches of the tournament.

Claim to use special ball for India

A former Pakistani cricketer Hassan Raza claimed during a private program that a special ball is being used for India and another ball for other teams in the tournament. Refusing to say that please don’t make fun of Pakistan in the whole world, the balls used for every match are with the umpire.

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