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The world’s unluckiest bowler went viral on the internet

The world’s unluckiest bowler went viral on the internet. The incident that happened with the world’s unluckiest bowler went viral on the internet. Meet the world’s unluckiest bowler who has had something unbelievable happen to him.

The incident that happened with this bowler in a match of Australia’s ACT Premier League went viral on the internet.

The match was played between Ginninderra Cricket Club and West District Cricket Club at the Reid Oval Stadium in Warrnambool, Australia on 9 December.

Ginninderra bowler Andy Reynolds started the celebration by clean bowling the opposition batsman Matthew Bostow.

But after some time, the bowler and other players realized that the middle stump was uprooted by the ball, but the balls above the wickets were fixed in place.

Interestingly, the batter was also on his way to the pavilion when he was told that the bells had not moved, so he returned.

After a long consultation between the umpires, the batter was declared not out as per the rules of cricket.

According to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which sets the rules of cricket, a batsman can only be declared out when at least one bull falls to the ground below the stumps.

After the match, team captain Sam Whiteman admitted that he was not happy with Matthew Bosto’s not out.

“I’ve never seen that before, in fact, none of us have, at first we thought it was funny and we were happy that we got a wicket, but then the batsman came back and we felt good,” he said. I don’t think so.

Well, the batter was dismissed early but the picture of the incident on the ACTKX account went viral worldwide.


X users called Andy Reynolds the unluckiest bowler in the world, but Sam Whitman said that even Reynolds was stunned.

He said that ‘Andy had never seen anything like this before so he didn’t know how to react’.

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