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Defeated by India but did not lose heart

Defeated by India but did not lose heart. The wicketkeeper-batsman of the Wami team, Muhammad Rizwan, says that we must have lost to India, but we have not lost courage.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) shared a video of Muhammad Rizwan before the match against Australia in which the wicketkeeper-batsman said that the match against Australia is important and more on match awareness than skills.

Mohammad Rizwan said that no team is weak, the match against Australia is important, and fans always support the team.


On the other hand, Muhammad Nawaz, the all-rounder of the Pakistan cricket team, says that there should have been criticism for the defeat and poor performance against India, but we did not come only to defeat India, the first priority is to reach the semi-finals.

Mehmood Nawaz said he admits that he has not performed well in 6, or 7 matches.

He further said that the defeat in the match against India has become a part of the past, we have to forget all this and move forward, and everyone’s hope increases in the match against India.

The all-rounder also said that the people of both countries have high expectations in this match because it is a big match, whoever plays well in this match becomes a hero. There is also anger.

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