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Why did Shaheen refuse to become Babar Azam’s deputy?

Why did Shaheen refuse to become Babar Azam’s deputy? National team fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi has apologized for the vice-captaincy of the Pakistan cricket team, after which various questions have been raised in cricket circles.

The news of Shaheen Afridi’s refusal to become the vice-captain of the national team came at a time when the T20 World Cup was a few days away.

According to team sources, Shaheen Shah Afridi is currently not ready to take the post and after Shaheen Afridi’s refusal, Mohammad Rizwan is a strong candidate for the vice-captain of the team.

Speaking to Geo News, Senior Sports Journalist Abdul Majid Bhatti said that Shaheen Shah Afridi was very serious about the captaincy issue that happened to him recently, and the way the captaincy was withdrawn from him after 5 matches, After that he decided to concentrate on cricket instead of spoiling the unity of the team.

Abdul Majid Bhatti said Shaheen Afridi’s father-in-law Shahid Afridi also gives him guidance from time to time and Shahid Afridi explained to him that you will get many opportunities for captaincy in the future, for now, focus on cricket, when you will perform. So the captaincy itself will come to you.

The senior journalist said that in both the last two matches of the series against New Zealand, which Pakistan won, Shaheen Afridi was the man of the match and in the series against Ireland, Shaheen Afridi also played an important role in the team’s victory.

In response to the question regarding the differences in the team, Abdul Majid Bhatti said that there is a lot of unity in the national team at the moment, which is the reason why Shaheen Afridi remained focused on the game despite being removed from the captaincy, he is the unity of the team. Not wanting to influence and want the team to continue to win with his performance, Shaheen Afridi wants to stay away from media controversies with his captaincy and focus on performance.

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