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The most popular wrestler makes a dramatic return to WWE

The most popular wrestler makes a dramatic return to WWE. One of the most popular wrestlers in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is back after almost a decade.

It’s wrestler CM Punk who made a surprise comeback at WWE’s event Survivor Series: War Games, which no one expected.

In 2014, CM Punk quit WWE due to various controversies.

After WWE, he was also associated with the UFC for a while and then became part of AEW, from which he was fired in August 2023.

It was then believed that CM Punk could return to WWE once again. But these reports were denied by both the wrestler and WWE. This is why CM Punk’s sudden return at the end of Survivor Series surprised fans.

The event took place in Chicago, which is also CM Punk’s hometown.


After the event, WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H said that CM Punk’s decision to return was sudden and we were excited about it.

“We can say about CM Punk, love him, hate him, or whatever, people talk about him all the time, he is a magnet that makes people talk,” he added. do

He said that our fans wanted to see him, that’s why we did everything possible to bring him back.

CM Punk started his career with WWE in 2005 and till 2013 won 3 times World Heavyweight Championship, 2 times WWE Championship, and Tag Team Championship.

Regarding his WWE future, Triple H said that whatever the plans are, everyone is excited about CM Punk’s return home right now.

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