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Success Pakistan Keeps Reserve Day for India Match

Success Pakistan Keeps Reserve Day for India Match. Pakistan’s efforts were successful, decision to keep reserve day for the Pakistan-India match.

LAHORE: (Web Desk) Pakistan Cricket Board’s efforts have paid off and the Asian Cricket Council has approved the reserve day match between Pakistan and India.

Heavy rains are continuing in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Meteorological Department has predicted more rains for the next few days due to which the final of the tournament is also likely to be affected.

The Pakistan Cricket Board had raised several objections in the context of heavy rains in Sri Lanka during the Asia Cup and the PCB has also been demanded to compensate for the damage caused by the rains.

Pakistan had expressed reservations regarding the rain forecast and the rescheduling of the event and now after the reservations and objections of the PCB, the ACC has decided to reserve the day.

There will also be a reserve day for the Asia Cup match between Pakistan and India on September 10. If the match is not completed on September 10, then this match will continue on September 11. The match will start from where it was stopped.

If the match goes on reserve day then India will have to play back-to-back matches as India vs Sri Lanka match is scheduled on 12th September.

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