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Shaheen described Rizwan as the backbone of the team

Shaheen described Rizwan as the backbone of the team. National T20 team captain Shaheen Afridi called wicketkeeper-batsman Muhammad Rizwan the team’s backbone.

In a special session of talking to fans on social media, Shaheen Afridi said that Mohammad Rizwan is a different type of person, everyone in the team calls him ‘Jannati’.

He said that because of Rizwan, everyone in the team prays in congregation, and he is helpful to everyone in the team, if anyone in the team needs any advice, he goes to Rizwan.

Shaheen said that Rizwan can be called the backbone of the Pakistan team.

Regarding the marriages of the national team players, Shaheen Afridi said that Rizwan had prayed for me from his heart that I would get married soon, and after that, I got married.

On the other hand, regarding the one-year marriage experience, Shaheen said that by the grace of Allah, everything has been perfect, married life is going very well and I don’t know how one year has passed, Allah has given me such a spouse. Who always supports me.

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