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Sahibzada Farhan returns to the Pakistan cricket team after 5 years

Sahibzada Farhan returns to the Pakistan cricket team after 5 years. Top-order batsman Sahibzada Farhan, who made a comeback in the Pakistan cricket team, says that he is more excited than ever to be named in the national team.

The national selection committee has included Sahibzada Farhan in the 17-member squad for the tour of New Zealand.

After being dropped from the team, Sahibzada Farhan scored a lot of runs in domestic cricket, and during the last three seasons, he was among the top performers every time. He was the top scorer with 492 runs in the recently held national T20 tournament.

In his first interview after the selection in the team, Sahibzada Farhan said that he had played Pakistan before, he was not so excited before because he joined the team early, but this time he worked hard and came back, the last four I have worked hard all year, I know how much I have prepared, how much I have worked hard. I am very happy that Naam is back in the team today.

The national batsman said that he got an early opportunity, but at that time he was not ready, he was not mature and he had no experience. And now they are quite mature.

He said that the statistics show how hard he has worked and during this time there is no match that he has missed due to fitness problems. I remember one match.

27-year-old Sahibzada Farhan said that he had a good chat with Iftikhar Ahmed, Iftikhar Ahmed told him that it is easy to get selected for Pakistan but it is difficult to maintain a place in the team.

Sahibzada Farhan expressed her determination that this time she will try her best to secure her place in the team by giving a good performance.

When asked about his goals for the series against New Zealand, Sahibzada Farhan said that he will try to play in New Zealand as he has played in recent domestic tournaments.

Sahibzada Farhan also realizes that there is a lot of competition in his position i.e. opening, so he is also ready to play in the middle order, he says that he has played in the middle order in PSL as well. He has also played two-down, so he has an idea of the position, and he is ready to play in that position whenever the team needs it.

On a question, Sahibzada Farhan said that he has a good relationship with Ahmed Shehzad, he is his favorite and it is good to see him scoring runs, if he scores runs in the top order, the competition is tough, the good thing is that When Ahmed makes runs, I also make runs, Sahibzada Farhan said that just as he got the reward of four years of hard work, hopefully Ahmed Shehzad will also get a chance to make a comeback.

After getting a place in the national team, Sahibzada Farhan’s eyes are now on the opportunity not to be missed.

He says that the player should get two series opportunities to judge so that he knows how many matches there are but as the competition is now, whether he gets one match or two matches, the player’s job is to go and perform. Because behind one player another player is ready, so they will try to show full performance.

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