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Rizwan’s marriage question with Babar the interesting answer of the former captain

Rizwan’s marriage question with Babar is an interesting answer from the former captain. National cricketer and former captain Babar Azam refused to answer the question related to marriage to Muhammad Rizwan on social media.

In a special session of discussion with fans on social media, Mohammad Rizwan called Babar as captain and asked when is your marriage, captain? At this, Babar laughed and said I knew you would ask this question.

Rizwan said to Babar that you would have to answer, on Rizwan‘s insistence, Babar said I will give you the answer alone.

After that, the host read the message of the female fan for Babar, in which she asked, “Are you not tired of eating food at your friends’ weddings?”

In response to the question, Babar said ‘For the past few days, when I wake up in the morning, I am getting married, and when I come back in the evening, I am being congratulated on my marriage, I think that people have married me now. They are saying to prepare for the next one.

At the same time, Muhammad Rizwan said that my wife wanted Babar’s marriage more than me.

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