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PCB Management Committee Appointments to Senior Posts

PCB Management Committee Appointments to Senior Posts. The Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) while writing another letter to the Pakistan Cricket Board informed the management committee of Zaka Ashraf regarding the matter.

The IPC letter said that the notification for a months extension to the PCB Management Committee was issued on November 4, the Management Committee should form the Board of Governors and conduct the election of the Chairman PCB as soon as possible.

The letter states that the management committee of PCB should look after the day-to-day affairs, not make appointments to higher posts, the committee will not be extended for more than three months.

According to the IPC letter, the Federal Cabinet has assigned the responsibilities of the management committee for the election of the chairman, and the formation of the board of governors. Try to complete your task using and share the report with the ministry.

The letter said that appointments to higher positions by the Management Committee would be considered an abuse of power, and the Management Committee could inform the Ministry about its actions by preparing a weekly report.

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