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PCB invited Jay Shah to watch the first match of the Asia Cup

PCB invited Jay Shah to watch the first match of the Asia Cup. Pakistan Cricket Board has invited Jay Shah to visit Pakistan to watch the opening match of the Asia Cup, and the officials of other Asian boards have also been invited.

Under the hybrid model hosted by Pakistan, the Asia Cup will start on August 30, The opening match between the hosts and Nepal is scheduled to be held in Multan, 4 games are scheduled on Pakistani grounds while the other 9 are scheduled in Sri Lanka.

In recent days, PCB has invited Asian Cricket Council President and Indian Cricket Board Secretary Jai Shah to watch the opening match, Invitations have also been sent to other Asian board officials, but there is no possibility of Jai Shah’s arrival. I don’t think so.

On the sidelines of the ICC meeting in Durban the last few days, he had a meeting with the head of the PCB management committee, when Zaka Ashraf asked him to come to Pakistan, he agreed, but later on, someone said he refused.

Board sources say that no one from India will come to watch the Asia Cup match, but Pakistan has never included politics in sports. sent, now whether they come or not is up to them.

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