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cricket World Cup

Pakistan team is favorite for Azlan Shah hockey tournament final

Former Olympians named the Pakistan team as a favorite for the Azlan Shah hockey tournament final. The final of the 30th Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament between Pakistan and Japan hockey teams will be played on May 11 in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Earlier in the event, the league match played between the two teams ended in a tie with one goal each.

In the world ranking, Pakistan is 15th and Japan is 16th.

Talking about the Pakistan vs Japan final, the former captain of the national hockey team, Olympian Islahuddin Siddiqui, has said that it is a good thing that the Pakistan team is undefeated in the tournament.

The former captain said that he thinks that Pakistan can win the final by two or three goals against one. He advised the team that there was absolutely no need to take pressure.

On the other hand, Olympian Qamar Ibrahim said that the Pakistan team is ahead of Japan in the world ranking, and this is encouraging for the Pakistan team.

He said that the national team played the best hockey before the final against Japan, and he thinks that the national hockey team is the favorite to win against Japan in the final.

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