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New tips to make PSL matches more interesting

New tips to make PSL matches more interesting. To further improve the Pakistan Super League (PSL) competitions, the management of the PSL and the franchise have given preliminary consideration to amendments in the playing conditions.

These suggestions include giving both teams two, two-team sheets at the time of the toss and the option of Big Bash-style power surges.

The PSL Governing Council meeting for the 10th edition of the Pakistan Super League was held in Lahore where various issues were discussed, one of which was the change in playing conditions to make the future matches more interesting.

According to sources, a suggestion in the playing conditions is that at the time of the toss, both the teams will provide two sheets, and after the result of the toss, one of the team sheets will be considered as the final eleven, the purpose of which is to lose the team losing the toss. What to do?

According to the sources, consideration was also given to introducing the power surge option in the Pakistan Super League, this power surge is also in the Big Bash League under which the teams can take the power play in any two overs from the eleventh over to the end of the innings. Only two fielders will be outside the circle during the over, in which case the initial power play will be limited to four overs.

Sources say that the PSL management is not in favor of playing conditions like Impact Player or X-Factor, but there will be further discussions between the league management and the franchise owners.

PCB has also sought suggestions from the franchise in this regard.

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