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Leading the Pakistan team is not a bed of flowers Shahid Afridi

Leading the Pakistan team is not a bed of flowers Shahid Afridi. Former national team captain Shahid Afridi says that it is an honor to lead the Pakistan team, but captaincy is not a bed of flowers.

A digital interview clip of Shahid Afridi is going viral on social media, in which the host asked the former cricketer what is the experience of leading the Pakistan team.

In response, Shahid Afridi said that it is a great honor to lead the Pakistan team, I always say that leading the Pakistan team is not easy, it is not a bed of flowers.

Explaining his statement, the former captain said that if the team does not perform or if anything happens, all the responsibility is put on the captain, that is why I say that a captain has more responsibilities, the media, and the selection committee. , the board and the fans of cricket are all being paid by one captain, although it is difficult to carry all these things if you carry good management, you can carry out all these responsibilities very well.

“It’s a place where you have to do justice to the boys who perform well domestically, as a captain you have to give them a chance and there is no domestic player in my time who can say that,” he added. I performed and Lala was the captain then we didn’t get a chance, but I gave a chance to every player who performed well in my time.

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The former captain of the national cricket team, Shahid Afridi, expressed his desire to make Mohammad Rizwan the captain of the national T20 cricket team humorously.

During an event in Australia, Shahid Afridi pointed to Mohammad Rizwan and said that Mohammad Rizwan focuses on his game all the time, who is doing what? Mohammad Rizwan has no interest in anyone.

Shahid Afridi said that I like Mohammad Rizwan’s focus on his game.

On this occasion, Shahid Afridi jokingly said that I wanted Rizwan to become the T20 captain but by mistake, Shaheen became the captain.

Hearing Shahid Afridi’s words, everyone present at the event including his son-in-law and national T20 team captain Shaheen Afridi and Rizwan laughed.

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