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Cricket World Cup

Indian food is so delicious that it seems we will gain weight, Shadab Khan

Indian food is so delicious that it seems we will gain weight, Shadab Khan. Shadab Khan, vice-captain of the Pakistan cricket team, was fed up with Indian food.

The national cricket team is currently in India to play the ICC World Cup, last night on the rest day of the Pakistan team, the team management decided to have dinner at the Jewel of Nizam Restaurant in Hyderabad Deccan.

While the national cricketers enjoyed local traditional cuisine, the national squad members had traditional paan along with dinner.

However, while giving a press conference in Hyderabad Deccan on Sunday, the vice-captain of the Pakistan cricket team, Shadab Khan, said that there was a wonderful welcome at the airport in India.

Shadab Khan said that the kind of hospitality shown in India was fun, the food was very good, and our white staff is also addicted to these foods.

The vice-captain of the national team said that Indian food is so delicious that it seems that our fat level and weight will increase, hoping to get the same hospitality when playing against India in Ahmedabad.

Shadab Khan added that as a team our Asia Cup was not good, that the beauty of cricket is that you learn from mistakes, you have an opportunity to learn from mistakes and try to improve them, losing in the Asia Cup. Then we have rest.

He said that cricket has become a game of mind rather than skills, when you are mentally relaxed you make good decisions, conditions in India are similar to Pakistan, and the wicket in the warm-up match looked like the Rawalpindi pitch. It was a completely flat wicket, we will get a better idea of the conditions by playing the next match.

Talking about his form, Shadab Khan said that my recent form has not been good at all, I have been refreshed mentally after getting rest, and many things have changed after getting rest, I hope to give good performances in the future and new ones. Will try to play with a mindset that will benefit the team.

Shadab said that when you are a star, the whole country has high expectations from you, whether you are playing in India or somewhere else, we have played cricket all over the world, but we have not played in India yet, the World Cup is one such. The platform is to become a superstar if you perform.

He said that all the players who have come here are trying to become superstars by giving performances, Fakhar Zaman is a big player, he is an impactful player, if there is no continuity in such players, but when they perform. The team won, this year too there are three centuries of pride thanks to which Pakistan won, every team wants to have players like him in their team.

Talking about the injuries of the players of the team, Shadab Khan said that we have already lost a big player and cannot afford more injuries, we have world-class bowlers, and if we bowl well then Will be champions.

It should be noted that the Pakistan Cricket Team reached Hyderabad Deccan via Dubai on Wednesday to participate in the World Cup, where it was given a grand welcome.

On Friday, Pakistan played a warm-up match of the World Cup against New Zealand in Hyderabad, in which they faced a miserable failure. The national team will play its second warm-up match against Australia on October 3.

The World Cup will start on October 5, and Pakistan will play its first match in the event against the Netherlands on October 6.

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