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How can the Pakistan team now reach the semi-finals?

How can the Pakistan team now reach the semi-finals? On October 27, the most thrilling match of the current World Cup in India took place between Pakistan and South Africa, luck favored the African team and they won by one wicket.

However, this was the fourth consecutive defeat of the Pakistani team who suffered defeat in this match. In this World Cup, Pakistan has played 6 matches so far, out of which they won the first 2 against the Netherlands and Sri Lanka, while India, Australia, Afghanistan, and South Defeated by Africa.

Currently, the national team is at the sixth position on the points table, Pakistan’s chances of reaching the semi-finals are now very low, but Pakistan is not out of the World Cup completely.

How can the Pakistan team now reach the semi-finals
How can the Pakistan team now reach the semi-finals


Now the question arises how can the Pakistani team reach the semi-finals of the World Cup?

Pakistan will not only have to win the next 3 matches but also have to depend on other teams, which means that the Pakistani team is facing the same if-but situation once again.

Pakistan can reach the semi-finals if Australia loses three of their four matches, which is unlikely as the Kangaroos have two matches against Afghanistan and Bangladesh, an upset would benefit Pakistan.

If Australia wins against Bangladesh or Afghanistan but loses against New Zealand, the net run rate will decide the semi-finalist team.

How can Pakistan reach the semi-finals?

Match 27: New Zealand beat Australia
Match 28: Bangladesh beat Netherlands
Match 29: India beat England
Match 30: Sri Lanka beat Afghanistan
Match 31: Pakistan beat Bangladesh
Match 32: New Zealand beat South Africa
Match 33: India beat Sri Lanka
Match 34: Afghanistan beat Netherlands
Match 35: Pakistan beat New Zealand
Match 36: England beat Australia
Match 37: India beat South Africa
Match 38: Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh
Match 39: Australia beat Afghanistan
Match 40: England beat  Netherlands
Match 41: New Zealand beat Sri Lanka
Match 42: South Africa beat Afghanistan
Match 43: Bangladesh beat Australia
Match 44: Pakistan beat England
Match 45: India beat Netherlands

If all the results go according to the conditions mentioned above, India will qualify for the semi-finals with 18 points, New Zealand 14, South Africa 1, and Pakistan 10 points, while Australia and Sri Lanka will have 8 points each.

If Australia wins Match 43 against Bangladesh, which is highly likely, then Pakistan and Australia will be tied on 10 points.

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