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Gift of expensive car “Audi” to Babar Azam

Gift of expensive car “Audi” to Babar Azam. The captain of the world’s number one team, the world number one batsman Babar Azam has recently received an expensive car “An Audi” as a gift. Do you know who gave it to him?

National captain Babar Azam is popular not only on the field but also outside the field and if it comes to his house, he is the darling of the whole house. What is given?

In this regard, Faisal Azam has uploaded a vlog on YouTube in which he is seen gifting this valuable car to Babar Azam. In the same video, the national captain can also be seen sitting in an Audi car.

The car gifted to the superstar batsman is an Audi Tron GT model and was gifted to him before the start of the Asia Cup.

In his Vlog, Faisal Azam explained the interesting reason behind giving the Audi car to his brother, saying that he gifted the car because there is an Audi store here and it would be easy for him to get spare parts from here.

Babar Azam’s fans and common users are commenting on this video.

A user said that what makes Babur Azam popular is his humility and reluctance. “From Ballboy to this gift, I’m so happy for Babar Azam,” said a user called Haneen.

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