Cricket World Cup

Former England captain Owen Morgan has criticized Pakistan team

Former England captain Owen Morgan has criticized the Pakistan team. After the defeat by India in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, the Pakistani team is facing severe criticism.

In the World Cup match played in Ahmedabad yesterday, India easily achieved the target of 192 runs given by Pakistan in the 31st over for the loss of 3 wickets.

Along with former national cricketers, former England captain Owen Morgan also criticized Pakistan and said that you cannot beat the best teams in the world by making many mistakes, Pakistan’s cricket team forgot to present its A game.

Owen Morgan said that Pakistan made mistakes after mistakes in the match against India, and mistakes during the batting of the Pakistan team led to the defeat, to beat the best teams in the tournament you have to bring your A game. Just like in a boxing match, you don’t have a single bad round, you can make half a mistake here and there in a round but you can’t consistently land punches.

The former English captain further said that it is fine if one wicket falls, but how can you handle it if there are a lot of wickets falling? We saw the same thing in the first match between England and New Zealand in Ahmedabad. Punched here and there in the match but could not hit the right place.

He said partnerships are very important to win a match which takes you above a winning total but Pakistan also made the same mistakes that England did.

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