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Ben Stokes’ demand to overturn the umpire’s call

Ben Stokes’ demand to overturn the umpire’s call. England batsman Zac Crowley’s controversial lbw out decision in the third Test against India has sparked a new controversy.

England was bowled out for 122 runs, their biggest defeat since World War II in terms of runs, after which India’s lead in the 5-match series was reduced to two to one.

After England’s humiliating 434-run defeat against India in the third Test, England captain Ben Stokes called for an end to the umpires‘ call.

England captain Ben Stokes has called for the decision review system (DRS) to overturn the umpire’s call after the controversial lbw decision during the recent match against India.

Ben Stokes expressed his dismay at the umpire’s call for England batsman Zac Crowley’s lbw out, saying that despite the umpire’s call, the ball did not hit the stumps, adding to the confusion among the England players.

Stokes told match referee Jeff Crowe that the ball was not hitting the stumps, raising concerns about the discrepancy between the umpire’s decision and the replay, stressing the need for transparency and accuracy in the decision-making process.

The English captain said that we want transparency in the game as we can see in the replay that the ball is not hitting the wicket.

Stokes added that we are not complaining about losing the Test, England’s defeat is sad but we are hopeful that we can win the series against India.

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