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Babar Azam’s ODI Centuries List vs Countries

Babar Azam’s ODI Centuries List vs Different Countries. Babar Azam, the young and dynamic Pakistani cricketer, has been a sensation in the world of cricket. He is known for his impeccable batting technique, elegant strokeplay, and the ability to adapt to different conditions. One of the most impressive aspects of his career is the number of centuries he has scored in One Day Internationals (ODIs) against various countries. In this article, we’ll take a look at Babar Azam’s ODI centuries list against different nations.

Babar Azam vs England:

Babar Azam has been a thorn in England’s side in ODI cricket. His sublime batting skills have seen him notch up centuries against England’s bowling attack. These centuries have come in crucial situations, demonstrating his ability to perform under pressure.

Babar Azam vs South Africa:

The Proteas have always been a formidable opponent, but Babar Azam has shown his class against them as well. He has scored memorable centuries against South Africa, proving his versatility across different pitches and conditions.

Babar Azam vs Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka, with its spin-friendly pitches, has often posed challenges to visiting batsmen. However, Babar Azam has risen to the occasion with centuries against Sri Lanka, showcasing his adaptability to subcontinental conditions.

Babar Azam vs West Indies:

The West Indies, known for their aggressive fast bowlers, have been on the receiving end of Babar Azam’s brilliance. His centuries against the Windies have been a testament to his ability to handle pace and bounce.

Babar Azam vs Australia:

Australia is renowned for its competitive cricketing culture, but Babar Azam has shown his mettle against them as well. He has notched up centuries against Australia, displaying his ability to tackle world-class bowling attacks.

Babar Azam vs India:

While bilateral ODI series between Pakistan and India have been rare in recent times, Babar Azam has made his mark against India in ICC tournaments. His memorable centuries in these high-pressure encounters have endeared him to fans on both sides of the border.

Babar Azam vs Other Nations:

Apart from these major cricketing nations, Babar Azam has also displayed his prowess by scoring centuries against other countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe, further solidifying his status as one of the world’s premier ODI batsmen.


Babar Azam’s ODI centuries list against different countries reflects his exceptional talent and consistency in international cricket. His ability to perform against top-class opponents in various conditions has made him a standout player in the cricketing world. As he continues to grow and mature as a cricketer, fans can eagerly anticipate more centuries and memorable performances from this Pakistani batting sensation.

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