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Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli statistical

Babar Azam vs. Virat Kohli a statistical comparison. Cricket enthusiasts around the world often engage in debates and discussions about who the best batsman in the world is. Two names that frequently come up in these conversations are Babar Azam from Pakistan and Virat Kohli from India. Both players have achieved remarkable success in international cricket, but who has the better statistics? In this article, we will compare the career statistics of Babar Azam and Virat Kohli to shed some light on this debate.

Batting Averages

The batting average is one of the most important statistics for a batsman as it reflects their consistency and ability to score runs. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Virat Kohli had an impressive career batting average of over 53 in One Day Internationals (ODIs) and nearly 53 in Test cricket. Babar Azam, on the other hand, boasted an ODI batting average of around 55 and a Test average of approximately 44. These numbers indicate that both players are exceptional, but Babar Azam holds a slight edge in ODI averages.

Centuries and Fifty-Plus Scores

Another important aspect to consider is the number of centuries and half-centuries (fifties) each player has scored. Virat Kohli, known for his consistency, had an astounding number of centuries in ODIs and Tests, with over 70 international centuries across formats. Babar Azam, though, had fewer centuries but a substantial number of fifties, showcasing his ability to consistently convert starts into big scores.

Winning Percentage

When it comes to team success, a player’s contribution to their team’s victories is crucial. Virat Kohli, during my last update, was the captain of the Indian cricket team and had led them to numerous wins in all formats. His leadership and batting prowess played a significant role in India’s victories. Babar Azam, while not the captain of the Pakistan team in all formats, had also been a key contributor to their success. Comparing their impact on team wins can be challenging, as it depends on several factors beyond individual statistics.


In conclusion, both Babar Azam and Virat Kohli are exceptional cricketers with impressive statistics. While Kohli’s consistency and ability to score centuries are legendary, Babar Azam has shown remarkable consistency and the potential to match Kohli’s standards. The comparison between these two players often depends on personal preferences and team loyalties.

It’s important to note that cricket statistics can change rapidly as players continue to compete at the international level. Therefore, for the most up-to-date statistics and a more accurate comparison, it’s advisable to refer to the latest data available from reliable sources. Regardless of statistics, both Babar Azam and Virat Kohli have enriched the world of cricket with their talent and dedication, and fans of the game can appreciate their contributions to the sport.

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