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Asia Cup Games at Risk as Heavy Rain Batters Colombo

Asia Cup Games at Risk as Heavy Rain Batters Colombo. Heavy rain continues in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Meteorological Department has predicted rain in Colombo in the coming days as well, which is likely to affect the matches of the Asia Cup.

The matches of the Super Four stage in Colombo will start on September 9, the teams of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh will reach Colombo this afternoon while the Indian team has already reached Colombo from Kandy.

It should be remembered that heavy rain has been predicted for 10 days in Colombo, if there is no match in the Super Four stage, then Pakistan will remain in the first position.

Super Four Stage Schedule:


September 9: Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka, Colombo

September 10: Pakistan vs India, Colombo

September 12: India vs Sri Lanka, Colombo

September 14: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Colombo

September 15: India vs Bangladesh, Colombo


Pakistan will qualify for the final if all matches are washed out in Colombo. In this situation, the points of Sri Lanka and India will also be equal, in case of matches being washed out, the net run rate will not be enforced, but in case of equality of points and no run rate, the decision of the other team will be made on a toss.

The final of the Asia Cup is scheduled to be played on September 17 and there is a possibility of rain in Colombo on September 17 as well.

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